​​​​​​​​​​​​​Age Verification

All persons appearing on your cam must
submit age verification and sign a model agreement. 

Fan Clubs

Enable your fan club in the
Settings & Privacy tab to earn extra income.

Money Making Tips

  • Encourage viewers to hit the orange 'Follow' button during and especially at the end of your shows.  Once they follow, every 6 hours you will be able to send them an e-mail each time you go live.  This is very important to quickly get your fans/followers in your room.  There will be a clickable link above your chat room window that says "You have xxxx followers. Send them an email notification that you are online." 
  • Ask your users to type :tipher in order to enable emoticons that encourage members to tip. Also, :follow to encourage members to follow you. 
  • Have your microphone turned on.
  • Update your bio with colors and feature top tippers.
  • Encourage users to raise their spending limits and get 200 tokens for free.
  • Make lots of pictures and videos and upload them to your profile. Remind users that they can get all your current and future content if they join your fan club for a low monthly fee.
  • Be polite and kind.  Try not to let trolls kill the vibe of the room.  Kill them with kindness instead of reacting.  Also, very often you can convert users with no tokens to regular tippers.  Try not to appear bored even if you just started and don't have a full room yet.
  • Use interactive toys such as Lovense to promote tipping and virtual sex.
  • Get a Twitter account and put your Cam Angels link to your room in your Twitter profile.  Hundreds if not thousand of people will view your twitter profile daily. Only some will follow, but they should all see the link to your room. Ex.  CamAngels.com/username.  The link will become clickable automatically and should get you even more traffic.
  • Ask @LillyWhiteBooty on Twitter how to get featured on our blog at CamAngelsBlog.com. 
  • Follow the people we follow on Twitter and many will follow you back and even retweet for you when you go live. They love to check out new models.  Every account can follow at least 5,000 users total. Once you've followed 5,000 users, there are limits to the number of additional users you can follow. This number is different for each account and is based on your ratio of followers to following.  You can usually get about 10% or more to follow you back if you mention in your profile that you are a Cam Angels performer.  This is a quick way to get 500+ potential tippers that can help get you started.
  • Follow the webcam promoters that we retweet and @ mention them in your tweets when you go live on cam. They love to retweet your sexy pictures and videos which will help you gain followers. 
  • Here's a list of promoters who will tweet for you and retweet your tweets on twitter. We highly suggest that you follow all of them:
  • https://twitter.com/carlosbb588_bb
  • https://twitter.com/xAndPer16x
  • https://twitter.com/zupergeil40
  • https://twitter.com/modellpromoter
  • https://twitter.com/camangelspromo
  • If you are a cam model promoter on twitter and would like to tweet for CamAngels.com models, we will add your name to this list, just follow @CamAngelsLive and we'll DM you and follow you back.  We also have a retweet group we can invite you to.
  • Mention @CamAngelsLive in your tweets for retweets to all of our followers (80k). Also include an enticing photo/video, #hashtags and the link to your cam room.  The link should look like CamAngels.com/WhateverYourUsernameIs 

​Example tweet:

I'm Going Live on @CamAngelsLive

You Can Find Me Here!


#porn #teen #squirt #anal

(Sexy Pic Goes Here)

It is a good idea to tweet about your pics/vids for sale on your Cam Angels profile fairly often. You can earn a nice extra income while you are offline. Click On a Username To:

Send a user a Private Message
Add/Remove a Moderator
Ignore a user's messages
Silence a user for 6 hours
Kick/Ban a user for 30 days

Username Colors

Orange names are Broadcasters
Red names are Moderators
Light Blue names own or have purchased tokens
Dark Blue names have tipped at least 50 tokens in the past 2 weeks
Light Purple names have tipped at least 250 tokens in the past 2 weeks
Dark Purple names have tipped at least 1000 tokens in the past 2 weeks
Green names are fan club members
Grey names have no tokens

Assign Moderators

Those you trust can help monitor your chat room and silence troublemakers.

Change Room Subject

Click on the room subject at the top of your broadcast to change the text, list token goals, and input all other forms of useful information. Use #hashtags here to make your room searchable on Cam Angels.

Audio Recommended

Members love hearing you. Greet users by name and try interacting with both audio and text.

Tips Are Highlighted Yellow in Chat

Be sure to thank those who are generous enough to tip you.  Turn your speakers up so that you can hear tip sounds.

Checking Stats

Click on the
Contest Stats and Token Stats tabs to see how much money you've earned broadcasting.

Broadcasting Tips

Lovense Toys for Virtual Sex
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